Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Neighborhood Information and Update

Post by Sherry Wyatt - SBNA Chair  6/15/17

Thanks to everyone that participated in the recent Neighborhood Garage Sale.
Reminder:  The dumpster will be available at the end of Shepard Blvd through Sunday, June 18th and will be pulled on Monday, June 19th.  Please use this for household items, yard waste - no appliances, tires or toxic waste.

News:  The former BeeLine service station has been purchased by a local business.  The building will be demolished and replaced by a one-story brick building that will house an engineering firm.  We are working with the owners to keep the mail box at it current location.

If the mailbox remains, we will work with the Postal Service to have the Mailbox ADA compliant, so one does not have to get out of a vehicle to post mail.

Other reminders:  
1)  Please plan on attending the upcoming Neighborhood Picnic - Saturday, August 12 at 6PM at Shepard Park. Bring side dishes and table service.  The SBNA will provide the meat for the meal.

2)  Please report any issues such as vandalism, vehicle break-ins, suspicious activities to SNBA officer(s) so a notice can be sent to neighbors.  We want to keep our neighborhood safe and in good repair.

3)  Annual dues of $5/household can be dropped by Julia Helvey's home or mailed to her at 908 Shepard Court....or dropped by Sherry Wyatt's home at 1002 Danforth Drive (Julie is out of commission for a few weeks)

What issues SBNA is working on currently:

1)  Mail box at former BeeLine Station (see above)
2)  Speed evaluation by City of Columbia
3)  Possibility of joining (either officially or unofficially) Moon Valley and Shepard Blvd NAs

All for now.

See you around the neighborhood!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Annual Neighborhood Meeting

Tonight the annual Shepard Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting was held at the UU Church.
Current Chairperson, John Prenger led the meeting (despite his injuries from a bike accident).

Betsy Peterson, Sixth Ward Councilwoman attended and gave an update on the following items:
   1. She is currently working with MODOT to address the timing at the lights at Audobon and Stadium to             help make it easier and safer to turn left into the neighborhood.

   2.  Kelly Farms has been approved to be built north of the Stadium and 63 interchange. This apartment             complex has the potential to bring more traffic into the area. They will not be marketing to students but           to professionals.

   3.  The work at Stadium and Old 63 will be putting in two left turn lanes as well as pedestrian islands. This         work is predicted to be completed before students return in August.  Also, the lights at Old 63 will have         walk lights coming from all directions.

   4.  Many concerns were expressed at the number of cars speeding through the neighborhood, specifically           on Audobon.  Councilwoman Peters agreed to look into how to get speed table on the road.  Also,               many individuals reported having things being stolen from their cars as well as having cars stolen from            their driveways.  Officer Ash recommended that all thefts be reported right away.  He will also request          patrol officers be more present in the neighborhood during arrival for Shepard Elementary as well as              over night.  Meredith Donaldson also agreed to look into the Neighborhood Watch program as notices          have not been going out to the neighborhood.

  5. A question was asked of Councilwoman Peters about the building that was previously the Bee Line gas         station.  A report of vandalism was made and has been cleaned up. Ms. Peters said she would look into        it.

Other updates and announcements:

Meredith Donaldson announced that she would be willing to help anyone who would like assistance with getting rid of bush honeysuckle. This plant can be very invasive. Meredith can help residents get in touch with resources in the City to help get rid of the plants as well as recommend plants that can replace the plants.

Cokie Blake would like to remind residents that she and Dr. Blake have a Little Free Library outside of their home on Meadow Lark. The library is meant to encourage reading by allowing people to take a book and read and keep it or return it.  Feel free to take any of the books currently there, as well as leave some books that are would like to donate.

Randy Wyatt announced that Boy Scout Troop 706 has committed to help clean up Sterling Wyatt Park on April 8th as part of Clean Up Columbia. All neighbors are invited to help with this project.

Aubrey Ash announced that a Facebook page has been created to help neighbors in the Shepard neighborhood share information. You can find the page on Facebook by searching for Shepard Boulevard Area Neighbors.

Julia Helvey reported that our income last year was $146 collected in dues and our expenses were $164.  Our expenses included renting the shelter for the picnic, food and the ad for the annual garage sale.
If you were not able to be at the meeting tonight you can pay your $5 to Julia at the August picnic.

Official Business:

Sherry Wyatt agreed to become the association Chairperson.
Mickie Shank agreed to become the association vice-chair
Aubrey Ash will continue as the secretary and Julia Helvey will continue as the treasurer.

Upcoming Dates:

Annual Garage Sale - June 9th and 10th
Annual picnic - August 12th.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New SBNA Secretary/Blog Administrator

Many thanks to Aubrey Ash, who agreed to fill the vacated position of SBNA Secretary and to administer this blog.  In keeping with our neighborhood bi-laws, if anyone else wishes to nominate themselves, we will have a special election of the secretary position at our SBNA annual picnic in August, rather than wait until our annual meeting next spring.

If you have any news, event, or services to be be posted on this blog that directly affects our neighborhood, please reach  Also, if you have a new neighbor or would like to make sure you are on our SBNA email list, Aubrey will have possession of our master list, so please contact her to update new email addresses.

It's been my pleasure to serve our neighborhood and this blog, which is a good tool for keeping us all informed on the going-ons in our small part of Columbia.

Beth Cunningham

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Annual Meeting Minutes Posted and Secretary and Blog administrator Needed

SBNA Neighborhood Association held its annual meeting on March 9, 2016. Meeting minutes are posted on this blog by clicking the Meeting Minutes tab on the right-hand side of this page.

URGENT!!! We are needing a neighbor to fill in the vacant position(s) of SBNA secretary and/or blog administrator (of this blog) which has been vacated by Beth Cunningham, who volunteered for the position during the past three years. No members at the meeting volunteered to take Beth's place, so we are reaching out to all of our neighbors who were not present to consider taking on these tasks. A motion was made to consider splitting the duties into two positions, one which is secretary, taking meeting minutes and notifying neighbors (via email) when we have our annual meeting, special meetings (seldom), annual garage sale and picnic.  The other position Beth had been doing was administering this blog (via Google blogger) which greatly helps our neighborhood communication with each other.  If you are willing to take on one or both of these positions, please contact Beth Cunningham for details on how we can transition to the next officer(s).

To keep our neighborhood association vibrant and effective, we need neighbors willing to serve. Please consider volunteering for this vacant position(s).

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Burglary at Unitarian Universalist Church on Shepard Blvd.

On Friday night, Feb. 26, 2016, the Unitarian Universalist church on Shepard Blvd. was burglarized.  If anyone saw suspicious activity at/around the church after 7:30 pm friday night, please contact Columbia Police Department. It's a reminder for neighbors to lock their doors and keep a watchful eye.
Please be sure to come to our annual SBNA meeting on March 9, where we will discuss neighborhood safety issues among other topics.  Columbia Police Officer Tony Ash is one of our neighbors and is planning to be at our SBNA meeting to answer questions and update us on neighborhood crime issues.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SBNA Annual Meeting March 9, 2016

Please mark your calendar for the annual membership meeting of our Shepard Boulevard Neighborhood Association on Wednesday, March 9, 7 p.m. at Universalist Unitarian Church, across the street from Shepard Boulevard Elementary school.

We will be having the election of SBNA officers at the meeting. Please consider taking a more active role in our neighborhood and become an officer. Our current SBNA officers have been in their positions for the past three years and would like to pass it on to new officers. Also, we are inviting the mayoral candidates running for the Columbia City Council in the April election to speak and answer questions at our meeting.  We will also invite Columbia Police Department to attend and answer any questions about neighborhood safety.

So, please come and meet your neighbors and hear what's happening in our neighborhood and make plans for our annual summer garage sale and picnic. If you can help us with the small costs of our association, we ask families to pay $5 each year for annual membership.

Hope to see you then!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Registration for Super Scout 5K Race in Shepard Blvd. Neighborhood

Happy New Year from the Super Scout 5K! There are 63 days until the third Super Scout 5K.  The excitement is building for the March 5th race and fun run.  There are many things that we are working on before the race and so much information that we’d like to tell you. 

First, you should know that most of our updates and announcements are made at  Please make sure to check the page often.

The Basics
The Shepard Elementary School PTSO is hosting the third Super Scout 5K so Cub Scout Pack 733 can try to raise 20,000 pounds of food for the BSA “Scouting for Food” program.  Food and cash collected will help The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.  Sponsorship is provided by Noodles & Company this year.  In place of multiple sponsors, Noodles & Company has provided full funding.  This allows for a reduced youth fee and a family fee.

Friday March 4th                4pm to 8pm;  Packet Pick-up at Noodles & Co, Conley Road.
Saturday March 5th ;           7am; race set-up & race day registration
                                                8am; volunteer meeting
                                                9am; Super Scout 5K Race
                                                10am; fun run.
                                                10:15 awards
                                                10:30 clean up

Super Teams:  Again this year we have invited the fire and police departments to participate as super teams.

Registrations:  The on-line registration is the preferred method due to ease of administration

On-line registration is the only way to pay by credit or debit card.  There is a processing fee for registering on Race Roster.

The following paper registrations are the only way to pay be cash or check:
Family Registration: Families of four or five can have the registration fee capped at $50.  Families of six or more (i.e. two adults and four children) will need to email the race director.   The charge for large families may be ‘at cost’.  Family registration will need to be done by paper and turned in to a Pack 733 leader or the Shepard Elementary office.

Individual paper registration:  This method can be utilized by delivering the form with a check to a Pack 733 leader or the Shepard Elementary office. Please make check payable to “Cub Scout Pack 733”

Additional swag
You can add on a stocking hat to your registration, as supplies last.  A picture of the stocking hat is available on the on-line registration site.  Stocking hats are $6.

Additional t-shirts can be purchased in addition to the one you receive for your 5K registration.  Or, say, if you are only doing the fun run (free in 2016), you might want to purchase the event shirt.

Further Information
Please use the following links or emails for additional information, updates or have questions about the Super Scout 5K:

Thanks for your help and support.

John Korte
Super Scout 5K race director